.:: What?

Krateen builds your story from ground to final floor. We start with an abstract idea and give breath to it through Animtion, Motion Graphics, 2D, 3D or Infographics.


.:: How?

Our team’s wild imagination and endless technical possibilities make your ideas a reality and that is our mission. 1. We listen to the needs of our customers 2. Identify the key elements of the task 3. Do research, 4. Begin work until the final, perfected destination is reached.


.:: What makes our work special?

We understand how big the market is, so we zoom in on the strengths of your work and display it in motion, animation or infographics.

No need to worry about what your competitors do or how they promote their work, we do it for you.

We do not just tell stories. We make up a whole plot where characters work in harmony to make your work more understood and representative.


.:: After the work is done, we do not leave you alone.

We listen before and we listen after. If there are any necessary changes or preferences, we immediately discuss them over and help build on them so the final design can be positioned along with the stars of the Galaxy, only with more glamor and more mystique.